DoctorLink is specifically designed to help GP surgeries
manage growing levels of demand while improving patients’
primary care experience.

Founded by a team of healthcare experts and visionaries to help improve the accessibility, quality, and cost-effectiveness, of NHS
healthcare services through the use of technology. CCG’s and Primary Care Providers across the country are looking into the beneifts
that online digital triage can bring for Primary Care services.

We’re currently working with CCG’s, GP and 111 services across England, to support patient demand, operational challenges and improve
patient experience if your surgery is not yet using DoctorLink and you would like to know more about the service, please get in touch.

A Brief Overview

DoctorLink is an online service that connects to NHS clinical systems, helping GP and 111 Services provide:
·      Improved patient access to medical advice 24/7
·      Patient signposting to the most appropriate service
·      Appointment booking for most appropriate clinician and timescale suited to the clinical need of the patient
·      Symptom information for clinicians, prior to patient appointment

This is achieved via online access to:

·      Symptom Checker
·      Disposition and Medical Advice
·      Appropriate Appointment Booking

The robust clinical algorithms have been developed over 10 years; they are underwritten and fully indemnified.