Reduce cost and improve access.

• Interoperability with existing health systems
• Proven experience in improving demand and  outcomes
• Cost-saving efficiencies, clinically and  administratively
• Ongoing partnership with dedicated platform  support

Helping doctors be doctors

• Less clinical time spent on easily resolved problems
• Time and cost-saving efficiencies, clinically and  administratively
• Reduction in non-urgent face-to-face appointments
• Peace of mind the right patient is seeing the right clinician at the right time
• Pre-appointment online assessment helps to reduce  appointment duration

Helping improve the patient experience

• Reassurance through online symptoms checker
• Ease of use
• Online repeat prescription request
• Medical advice
• Online appointment booking when appropriate
• 24/7 access

The algorithms driving our digital engagement solution

  • Symptom assessment: 95% of presenting conditions triaged and signposted via our clinically robust and safe algorithms
  • Health risk assessment: population health management algorithms that proactively manages and identifies patient risk
  • Service finder: tailored directory of services that integrates with our algorithms to drive patients to the right place at the right time
  • Clinical governance and safety at our core: our algorithms are fully insured, with gold standard clinical governance and third-party, independent clinical auditing to a specialist in their field
  • Machine learning evolves our algorithms: to improve patient experience, specificity and granularity of our service and disposition