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A fully flexible and configurable Online Consultation solution

Doctorlink’s Online Consultation includes a symptom assessment with questions that are inline with National, NICE and best practice guidelines. And clinical red flags with emergency signposting to ensure the most critical patients are diverted to A&E, where they can receive appropriate care. It offers true demand management to practices, redirecting up to 40% of patients to more appropriate forms of care.

An additional suite of configurable settings (e.g. repeat prescriptions, admin tasks) can help to reduce the administrative burden  on admin and reception teams, as patients can complete these tasks through the patient app, with tasks inserted directly into the clinical system, to be actioned by the practice team.

A completely configurable solution, available in Automated Triage or Practice-Led Triage setup, it enables practices to implement online consultation in a setup that matches their operating model and patient population.

Automated Triage Setup

In this setup, patients complete a symptom assessment and and are triaged by Doctorlink’s algorithm directing patients to the most appropriate form of care based on their symptoms, including A&E, self-care, dentist, pharmacy or their GP practice. When ‘Direct Booking’ is enabled practice appointments are made available for the clinical skill-set, consultation type (video, phone or physical) and timeframe required based on the presented symptoms. Symptom Assessment reports are then imported into the clinical system when a patient books their appointment.

Practice-Led Triage Setup

In this setup, patients complete a symptom assessment, that gathers clear and relevant information on their symptoms and history. This is then sent to the practice team by email or added directly into the clinical system for the practice team to triage, based on their internal processes. Practices can still make use of the additional configurable functionality, such as connected prescriptions and admin task requests, in this set up.

Admin task functionality for patients e.g. test results, referrals, fit/sick notes

Connected repeat prescriptions functionality

Clinical red flags and emergency diversion

Onboarding support and training for new practices

Data on uptake and utlisation

Configurable to suit practice operating model

“Since implementing the Doctorlink system, we have noticed a reduction in telephone calls to request appointments.  The system has freed up GP time that they can now devote to other tasks.”

Joanne Beardshall, Business Manager
Dove Valley Practice

“Online triage is assisting in reducing the ever-growing burden on general practice. It is alleviating pressures on the phone lines and navigating patients efficiently and effectively to the right care.”

Dr Noreen Ahmed, Chapelgreen Practice

“The Doctorlink system has enable us to triage our patients more effectively, ensuring those with urgent problems can be seen on the same day and even directing seriously unwell patients to A&E…as a GP this reduces the risk of missing patients with urgent health problems.”

Dr Clare Bannon, Dove Valley Practice

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