Chapelgreen Practice

Chapelgreen Practice

Chapelgreen Practice, one of the largest non-university practices in Sheffield, were seeing constant increases in their call volumes, even though their patient numbers weren’t increasing and the call duration to the receptionist team was increasing by about a third.

Key outcomes they wanted to achieve

  1. To use online consultation as part of a tiered approach to their patient triage.
  2. A reduction in unnecessary calls to the reception team that could be diverted elsewhere.
  3. Improve patient access to appointment booking, especially for those who couldn’t call during normal operating hours.

What happened when Doctorlink was implemented?

Prior to COVID-19, the phone system was set up so that anyone who contacted the practice was put onto a triage list to be triaged by a nurse before being contacted and either put into a physical appointment with a GP or a call-back by the duty doctor. Chapelgreen wanted Doctorlink to become part of their triage process, with patients who completed a symptom assessment going straight into a face to face appointment.

After the first lockdown, Chapelgreen decided not to re-introduce nurse triage, and to instead rely on Doctorlink to triage for them. Since then they have allowed patients to book straight into call-back slots with the GPs.

Patient feedback has been largely positive, redirecting the right patients as they now need to go through the online triage process and complete a symptom assessment.

Implemented: August 2019

Product: Online Consultation

Patient List Size 15000+
Patient Registrations 4000+
Symptom Assessments Completed 2800+
Patients routed to alternative care options 29%
GP and Admin saving equivalent to £ 24000+
“Online triage is assisting in reducing the ever-growing burden on general practice. It is alleviating pressures on the phone lines and navigating patients efficiently and effectively to the right care.”

Dr Noreen Ahmed