Dove Valley Practice

Dove Valley Practice

Dove Valley practice provides quality care in and around Barnsley in South Yorkshire, operating as a teaching and training practice for both medical and nursing undergraduates from Sheffield universities and GP trainees from the Barnsley Vocational Training Scheme.

They were facing increasing demand for appointments, and needed to move away from a first come, first served system, which was causing administrative burden and move to a system that focused on those most in need.

In September 2019, Dove Valley implemented Doctorlink, allowing the practice to efficiently manage demand by directing patients the most appropriate care pathway, by assessing patient’s symptoms through a series of medical questions. It has helped the practice reduce demand on services and offering better access for patients seeking care.

Implemented: September 2019

Product: Online Consultation

Patient List Size 10000+
Patient Registrations 2900+
Symptom Assessments Completed 6400+
Patients routed to alternative care options 28%
GP and Admin saving equivalent to £ 53000+
“The Doctorlink system has enabled us to triage our patients more effectively, ensuring those with urgent problems can be seen on the same day and even directing seriously unwell patients to A&E. We no longer have to ask patients to call back as we have no appointments; as a GP this reduces the risk of missing patients with urgent health problems. It also educates patients about when they really need us, as they are frequently directed to self-care or their local pharmacist for minor problems.”

Dr Clare Bannon

Executive GP