Hillcrest Dental Surgery

Hillcrest Dental Surgery

Hillcrest Dental Surgery offers a range of specialist orthodontic treatments, cosmetic and general dentistry services to NHS and private patients in the West Midlands. As the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, and the UK went into lockdown, Hillcrest Dental had to follow NHS guidelines and reduce the number of in-person appointments they were conducting.

Through NHS England and their NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, they were able to onboard Doctorlink as a video consultation solution, and start using it to provide virtual consultations to their patients.

As a result Hillcrest Dental were able to reduce the amount of traffic coming into the practice. Patients who have finished their dental treatments are now able to have their 3 month and 12 month reviews virtually, where they don’t need a physical exam. Using Doctorlink’s video consultation has also meant they’ve been able to see more patients as it isn’t necessary for them to stagger appointments, as they would have to for physical appointments.

Product: Video Consultation

“Very good virtual system and helped immensely during lockdown – very easy to use for both parties. Cannot imagine using any other platform to carry out virtual appointments with my patients.”

Dr Salima Visram

Specialist Orthodontist
“All of us at the practice like how easy it is to use. With Zoom you have all the extra details and codes, and this isn’t like that. We only have to send a text message to our patients with a link. It’s easy for us and the patients.”

Claire McDonald

Practice Manager