Digital transformation – Shaping the future of European healthcare. Deloitte Report

22 October 2020 – This report explores the potential for digital technology to address the current and future challenges facing healthcare systems in Europe. Digital healthcare solutions have the potential to reduce health inequalities and increase wellbeing by changing the way in which health and care services are delivered to patients. To date, the pace and scale of this transformation in Europe has varied.

But the global COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant and unparalleled impact on the healthcare of every country. Lockdowns and social distancing has undermined traditional face to face healthcare delivery in non-emergency care, leading to a rapid acceleration in the adoption of digital solutions, especially telehealth, virtual consultations and remote patient monitoring. In April 2020, NHS England implemented a ‘total triage model’ with all patients assessed by phone or online before attending a face to face appointment. In weeks practices moved from 90% of consultations being face to face to managing more than 85% remotely.

Download the full report to learn how digital technology has helped healthcare systems respond to the pandemic and what this means for the future of healthcare.

Digital transformation – Shaping the future of European healthcare, Sept 2020. Deloitte Report.



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