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Doctorlink Releases Eleventh Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update to Symptom Assessment App Algorithm

Doctorlink, the UK’s leading online Symptom Assessment provider to the NHS, has today released its eleventh COVID-19 update to the clinical algorithms of its symptom assessment app. 

The latest release, which is available to 10 million patients across England, includes new logic to identify patients who are vulnerable due to their age or underlying health conditions and provide them with appropriate advice. 

The symptom assessment app was first updated to detect potential cases of COVID-19 in January and is updated daily to reflect new guidance on the novel coronavirus from NHS England, Public Health England and the UK government. 

Patients indicating symptoms of COVID-19 or potential exposure to the virus are advised by the symptom assessment platform to self-isolate and call the NHS-111 service for further advice. Those requiring urgent care with factors indicating potential exposure to the virus receive instructions to notify 999 operators of the additional risk. 

The update also supports general practices by prioritising remote appointments to contain spread of the virus. Where patients were previously recommended a face-to-face appointment for their symptoms, they are now diverted to request a telephone appointment. 

The app’s algorithms will be continually updated in line with government guidance as more information is determined about COVID-19 and its spread. 

Dr Ben Littlewood-Hillsdon, Chief Medical Officer at Doctorlink, commented: “Doctorlink has taken this preventative measure to support current government-led action to monitor and limit the spread of COVID-19 in the UK. We provide a digital front door for thousands of patients across the country and as such, see it as critical to support NHS clinicians and provide the right information to inform and reassure patients. 

“The changes we’ve made are a perfect example of the value we provide to primary care by assessing patients for a potential diagnosis and routing them to the correct health service, particularly when there are changes in disease patterns that can risk a wide population. We’ll be continuing to update our algorithms in light of new discoveries and guidance about the virus in order to best support government advice and help patients stay safe and wells.”

The Doctorlink platform is an online Symptom Assessment platform – whose algorithms have been developed by a team of expert clinicians over the last 18 years – that are so advanced that it is classified as a Medical Equipment device and whose outcomes are sufficiently accurate as to be fully indemnified enabling the technology to be selected by one of the world’s most trusted health services the NHS.

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