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Doctorlink selected as a strategic co-sell partner for Microsoft Azure

2 April 2020 – The Doctorlink platform provides SaaS products for the world’s largest healthcare organisations 

Doctorlink, a leading provider of SaaS symptom and health assessments is working with Microsoft as part of their Co Sell Program for digital health. This relationship recognises Doctorlink as an important digital transformation solution provider, with a platform that delivers unique services across all of the complex technologies built on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

“We are proud to be working with Microsoft in this way. It attests to the depth of our tech expertise and capabilities to support our customers,” commented Rupert Spiegelberg, CEO, Doctorlink. “As a Microsoft partner across the fast-growing market of health tech, this relationship is the logical next step for us in taking the Doctorlink platform to public and private healthcare providers around the world.” 

Doctorlink currently provides 24/7 access to digital symptom assessment to more than 10 million NHS patients across 1,350 GP practices in England. It provides fully customisable and scalable SaaS products for the world’s largest healthcare organisations including AXA, BUPA, Kaiser Permanente and Web MD, and has provided 60 million health assessments to date. Spiegelberg predicts that healthcare will be digital-first industry within the next 5 years.

Alfonso Ferrandez, CTO, Doctorlink added, “Microsoft is one of the largest and fastest growing cloud with its Azure service, and is a core part of our ecosystem, bringing us integration, stability, security and data protection for our customers. We believe that AI and machine learning can help healthcare practitioners enhance their patient care and empower patients to find their right treatment path.”

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, Doctorlink’s platform is primarily developed using .Net Core technologies and includes key SaaS solutions including Symptom Assessment, Health Risk Assessment, Video Consultation, a best-in-class Decision Engine and an advanced Workflow Design toolkit facilitating streamlined workflow deployment. Doctorlink applications are designed to meet customer needs by providing a secure, high-reliability, scalable environment that integrates with a wide range of external clinical and support services.

The Doctorlink Symptom Assessment tool is underpinned by a complex dataset of clinical algorithms developed in-house over 18 years. Over 2,000 unique outcomes are possible, producing the digital equivalent of a face-to-face consultation. Its outcomes are sufficiently accurate to be fully indemnified, enabling the technology to be selected by one of the world’s most trusted health services – the NHS.

Doctorlink has recently been shortlisted to the Financial Times’ Sifted “Top UK Startups to Follow in 2020” list.

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