How can Doctorlink help me get the healthcare I need?

Doctorlink provides access to reliable, up to date medical advice and support for COVID-19, and over 95% of all other healthcare concerns.

Using Doctorlink you can:

  • Access links to the latest NHS and Government Advice about Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Check your symptoms at any time 24/7/365
  • Get information as to the most appropriate care
  • Be given the recommended timeframe in which you need to seek care, if appropriate, based on your symptoms
  • Book or request an appointment at your practice in opening hours if appropriate and dependant on the options chosen by your practice
  • Be directed to the most appropriate out of hours care if needed
  • Check symptoms for someone you care for (providing they are registered with the same GP Practice as you, you have their consent and you have parental responsibilities if they are under 16)
  • Request sick notes and repeat prescriptions from your GP. You will be able to access these features on the homepage if your practice has chosen to enable them.

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