I am having trouble registering, what do I do?

In order to register with Doctorlink, we have to check we hold the same information as your practice. This will mean that if you have trouble registering it could be because there is a mis-match of this information.

In order to rectify this you can change the personal details you’ve entered to match the information that your practice has for you. You may need to contact your practice if you get stuck or if you’re unsure what information they have.

You can contact the Doctorlink Helpdesk if you: 

  • have moved practice and need to update your account,
  • are having trouble registering and signing in after contacting your practice,
  • are having any other technical issues when using the app.

Please note, the help desk is not manned by anyone clinically trained. You will not be able to receive any medical advice from the helpdesk.

Helpdesk contact details:

Phone: 0300 111 6433

Email: [email protected]

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