Why has my practice decided to use Doctorlink?

Doctorlink is the chosen provider by your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) who support with local developments in your practice, and/or your practice. Doctorlink was chosen to support in improving patient access to local services and to enhance efficiencies in practices that are experiencing unprecedented levels of demand.

Doctorlink will help practices with:
  • Improved access to medical advice 24/7
  • Directing patients to the most appropriate care
  • Supporting patients to book or request appointments with the most appropriate clinician
  • Support patients in receiving a recommended timescale to seek care based on their clinical need and acuity of symptoms
  • Providing clinicians with symptom information before patients attend appointments in order to save time and streamline processes
Doctorlink will help patients:
  • Check your symptoms at any time
  • Get advice as to the most appropriate care
  • Be advised of the recommended timeframe in which you need to seek care, if appropriate, based on your symptoms
  • Book or request an appointment at your practice in opening hours if appropriate
  • Be directed to the most appropriate out of hours care if needed

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