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Doctorlink For Business

Driving digital transformation within healthcare

For Business

Driving digital transformation
within healthcare

The UK’s Leading Health Technology
Solutions Provider

We offer organisations a range of innovative healthtech solutions that provide an
outstanding user experience with clinical excellence at their core.

Online Triage

Clinically-robust symptom assessment. Recommends the best healthcare pathway. Covers 95% of presented conditions. Most accurate symptom assessment available. Web and app accessibility.

Health Risk Assessment

Long-term risk profiling. Focus on prevention and actioned planning. Clinically-approved tips to reduce health risks. Secure and clinically robust. Health benefits platform integration. Improves customer engagement. Increases brand trust and loyalty.

Video Consultation

Safe, secure and reliable. Improves clinician-patient interactions. Enhanced security and data encryption. Organisations can use their choice of clinicians. Outstanding customer experience and accessibility.

Who we partner with


Whether you are a health, life or travel insurance, reinsurance provider or a broker, our solutions add tangible value to your products and services by providing market differentiation, increased brand loyalty and trust, improved healthcare pathways, enhanced data evaluation and reduced underwriting and claims costs. We partner with health insurers, life insurers and travel insurers.


Businesses can use our solutions to gain critical insight into the health of their workforce, helping them develop employee wellbeing strategies and improve benefits provision. We partner with organisations across a range of sectors to improve employee health, productivity and engagement.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies can use our services to engage with patients and ensure they have access to optimal treatment. We partner with pharmaceutical companies to deliver improved outcomes across acute and chronic conditions.

International Healthcare Providers

Our solutions allow healthcare providers globally to efficiently and effectively manage demand and deliver better services for patients. We offer fully customisable digital health technology designed by doctors and technology innovators to meet patient need, cut costs and reduce administrative burden for healthcare professionals. We work with different international healthcare providers across different regions.

Digital Platforms

We can integrate our technology with your consumer proposition to enable you to provide health services to your customers. We partner with a range of platforms and providers to add value to their offering and improve their customers’ health.

Why Doctorlink?

Innovative healthtech solutions: Online Triage, Health Risk Assessments and Video Consultations, all accessible 24/7 via web or app.

Our triage solution covers 95% of patients’ conditions using our clinical algorithm, the most accurate symptom assessment on the market.

You can develop bespoke services and unique healthcare pathways that deliver optimal customer outcomes, promote brand loyalty and trust, increase sales and cut underwriting and claims costs.

Our online triage can assess symptoms and concerns; provide expert advice, diagnosis and reassurance; and direct customers to the most appropriate care pathway for further consultation and treatment.

Capture comprehensive customer data and insight that allows you to mitigate risk and provide the right solutions for your policyholders.

Our algorithms are medico-legal compliant and indemnified with rigorous clinical governance and licensed independent peer review. Built by a team of doctors, healthcare experts and technology innovators, our algorithms combine Bayesian logic to ensure robust clinical safety and AI learning to drive continuous improvement.