Doctorlink For Health Insurance

Doctorlink For Health Insurance

Providing more value to your customers

Doctorlink For
Health Insurance

Providing more value to your customers

Healthtech products that work for you

Customers can perceive insurance as a grudge purchase and may have little engagement with their insurer beyond renewal or claim. We offer a range of scalable and fully-customisable healthtech solutions that allow private medical insurers to engage with their customers across multiple touchpoints, providing real value for both the insurer and the policyholder. Our innovative solutions can  help different departments within your enterprise including medical, underwriting, customer service, patient-engagement , product & marketing.

Online Triage

Our Online Triage platform allows you to offer your customers an easy and convenient way to access healthcare from anywhere, any time. The platform assesses your customers’ symptoms and directs them to the appropriate healthcare pathway.

Health Risk Assessment

Our Health Risk Assessment helps your customers understand their health risks and provides clinically-approved guidance to encourage positive behavioural changes. It allows you to achieve improved risk stratification and prevention, better customer engagement and increased trust in your brand.

Video Consultation

Customers can use our secure Video Consultation application to connect with your chosen healthcare provider from anywhere in the world.
Available through the Doctorlink app and integrated with appointment booking systems or provided on an ad hoc basis, Video Consultation gives customers the freedom and reassurance of seeing a clinician without needing to visit the surgery.
It offers the ultimate in flexibility and convenience for your customers and improves access to healthcare for those with busy lives or mobility issues.

Innovative health

Through our clinical decision algorithm and innovative health technology, you can cut underwriting and claims costs, improve efficiencies and give your customers increased access to healthcare 24/7.

Helping your
customers feel better

Our solutions help your customers engage with their health and wellbeing. They guide them to the right care, drive prevention and lead to better outcomes, such as:

Saving cost

Increased customer satisfaction

Better insights & data for all teams