HealthHero publishes new research that uncovers Britains Silent Sufferers

HealthHero launches their ‘Silent Sufferers’ research which reveals the impact the Government’s COVID-19 messaging had on stopping people making a GP appointment and the knock-on effect to their health.

1/3 of UK adults were found to have deliberately avoided making a GP appointment, with over half who delayed making an appointment saying their physical and mental health had been negatively impacted. 45% didn’t want to overburden the NHS, while 32% had concerns about catching COVID-19 at their GP practice.

Due to the government’s messaging about COVID-19, 44% made a conscious effort to visit their GP in person less during the last year, which left many in doubt as to where and how they should seek medical advice. As a result, many were left suffering in silence and are the pandemic’s ‘secondary’ casualties.

Download the full report to learn more.