Doctorlink is the most trusted and only fully insured digital clinical engagement solution for health and life insurers, healthcare providers & authorities and the life sciences industry.

Our heritage and DNA are clinical as well as technical. Founded by a team of healthcare experts and visionaries to help improve the accessibility, quality, and cost-effectiveness of healthcare provision through the use of technology, we understand the pressure providers and healthcare practitioners are under to deliver more with less.



Driving customer engagement for health and life insurers

You can profit from improved risk stratification and prevention, increased customer engagement and outstanding brand trust.

Private & Public

Streamlining access and resource management for healthcare providers and governments

We help you triage patients and optimise primary and secondary care resources. We also reduce diagnostic cost by helping shift tasks and letting healthcare professionals work within their licence.

Occupational Health
& Wellbeing

Delivering measurable value to your digital strategy 

We drive employee engagement and motivate behaviour change. Collect actionable data for personalised offerings, risk projections and management.


Enabling patient experience and engagement

Increase the efficiency of medication and chronic disease management. Personalised solutions for treatment and medication adherence.

Managing demand + streamlining access for healthcare providers + governments

We help the UK NHS redirect 20-30% of patients from primary care in GP surgeries to the appropriate service, saving millions and freeing up GP resources for patients who really need them, ultimately making everyone’s care better.

Personalising prognosis + care for private healthcare providers

Thanks to our services, GroupHealth and Kaiser Permanente collect health profiles of more than 15% of their patient population, allowing them to proactively manage, care for and prevent high risk and chronic profiles.

Engaging patients + changing behaviour for health + life insurers

BUPA Australia uses our platform to attract and retain members, and also to change their behaviour, with more than 60% experiencing a positive change to their health and returning to upgrade their online health check every year.


Increase engagement. Understand health. Motivate change.

Personalised outcomes

Relevant patient insights with 85% completed assessments. Population health management and prevention based on actionable data. 60% improving their health.

Improve your value proposition

Increase customer attraction and retention. 80% would recommend our health assessment and more than 73% return to update it regularly.

Secure And clinically robust

Our clinical products are fully indemnified (incl. medical malpractice) based on deep clinical evidence, approved guidelines and underpinned by strict clinical governance.

Which of our products do you need?

Doctorlink engine

Our unique engagement and knowledge discovery engine allows you to create, edit and manage healthcare content, workflows and algorithms

Doctorlink engagement suite

The easy-to-integrate product suite helps you drive omni-channel user engagement. Tools include the Doctorlink app (also available white-labelled), symptom assessment, health assessment and Health age challenge, and GP chat and video

Doctorlink patient management

Create patient-centric, clinically robust care pathways and medication management solutions with electronic health record integration

Doctorlink customer success

Access the power of performance and user portfolio insights, with relevant and ready-to-use reports for benchmarking and translating data into commercial value

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