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Doctorlink reports triple-digit user growth in 2020

Doctorlink, the UK’s leading digital triage provider, has reported triple digit user growth across all its key services in 2020.

The digital triage, video and phone consultation service has seen a greater than 250% increase in its active user base over the last nine months, while the number of GP clinics using the platform has tripled.

Compared to the same period of 2019, the number of completed unique online symptom assessments – known as ‘traversals’ – has increased by over 200%. Doctorlink also reported an unprecedented rise in online repeat prescription requests and video consultations this year, with increases of 1470% and 905% respectively.

Doctorlink was already in a period of accelerated user acquisition in 2019, reporting a 200% increase in active users in the fourth quarter alone. Following the appointment of tech veteran Rupert Spiegelberg as CEO last year, the British healthtech company has significantly expanded its reach for four consecutive quarters.

The healthtech platform’s growth was further boosted by an NHS decision in March to select the platform to provide both online triage and video consultations during COVID-19. Doctorlink was the only supplier chosen to provide both services, in an accelerated Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) Framework bid open to all existing NHS suppliers.

Rupert Spiegelberg, CEO of Doctorlink comments: “COVID-19 has put an extraordinary demand on our health systems and required patients and clinicians alike to adapt in a very short space of time.

“With the unique challenges the virus presents, it was immediately obvious that digital triage had a significant role to ensure patient access to healthcare services and free up capacity within the healthcare system. These figures show that large numbers of patients are now adopting and benefitting from these tools during the pandemic in the UK.”

*All figures relate to January – September 2020 vs the vs the previous months Apr-Dec 2019, unless stated otherwise.

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