Online Triage

Online Triage

Doctorlink is The Leading Provider of Online
Triage to the NHS & Health Insurance Providers.

What is Online Triage?

Doctorlink’s Online Triage enables health providers to efficiently manage demand by directing people to the most appropriate care pathway including self-help, pharmacy and urgent care. It transforms how doctors manage resources, saving money in workforce efficiencies and reducing administrative burden.

The Online Triage Two Main Health Technology Components Are:

Symptom Assessment 

It assesses the patients’ symptoms online by asking a series of medical questions based on an algorithm built by doctors and tech innovators.

Developed by doctors, Doctorlink’s algorithms cover 95% of conditions and provide the most accurate Symptom Assessment on the market.

Health Service Finder

It recommends the best healthcare pathway solution based on the symptoms assessment results.

Online Triage

Doctorlink is the leading provider of online
Online Triage to the NHS & Health Insurance Providers.

360 Million

GP Appointments in the UK each Year.

120 Million

GP Appointments a year could have freed up with the use of online triage. 

£3.6 Billion

 Annual cost saved based on an average cost of a GP appointment = £30.


  • Algorithms built using Bayesian logic.
  • Symptom Assessment covering 95% of presented conditions.
  • Most accurate Symptom Assessment available.
  • Fully indemnified.
  • Web and app accessibility.
  • Fully customisable.


of patients are recommended self care

1 in 5

people could be seen via remote appointment after using the online triage


of patients do not need an appointment the same day


of patients directed to more appointment channels like self care or digital consultation


of patients’ conditions are covered by Doctorlinks’ clinical algorithm, the most accurate Symptom Assessment in the healthtech space.

Who Uses Doctorlink’s Online Triage Technology Platform?

Doctorlink supports:

Public Healthcare providers around the world.
Private Healthcare providers around the world.
Health Insurance providers around the world.
Travel Insurance providers around the world.
Healthtech and Insuretech companies around the world.

The online triage solution can be customized to accommodate the needs of different businesses within different industries.

How can The Online Triage Health Technology Help Your Business?

The online pre-screening which involves asking the same questions a clinic administrator and a doctor will ask help enabling clinics and healthcare providers to take on more patients without having to increase their costs and doctors to operate at the top of the licence and focus on those with the most urgent need. There are 3 main key areas where the online triage can demonstrate significant difference:-

Efficiency: Less physical medical appointments, less calls & admin Work, less demand on doctors.
Cost: Less doctors needed, less operational cost, less time spent on unnecessary appointments.
Patient-Centric: Built around patients’experience, less time consuming, 24/7 access, automated process.

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