User Notice – Video Conference Functions

As an authorised practitioner you are permitted to use Doctorlink video conference functionality (VC Functions) on the following conditions:

  1. You observe Doctorlink user guides and instructions relating to VC Functions.
  2. You use VC Functions only to conduct scheduled non-urgent patient consultations. In the event of an emergency arising during a VC patient consultation, you will respond in the appropriate manner in accordance with your practice procedures.
  3. You feel that you are suitably skilled/proficient to carry out VC safely and effectively for the selected patients who have chosen this appointment type.
  4. You comply with your professional obligations in the use of VC Functions and do not use VC Functions for the transmission of any material whose transmission is unlawful or inappropriate having regard to the purpose of the consultation.
  5. You acknowledge that the VC Functions do not record the details of a consultation and you are responsible for noting and record-keeping in respect of the subject matter of a consultation.