Realising digital-first primary care, Shaping the future of UK healthcare – Deloitte Report

This report focuses on the transformation needed to deliver the NHS’ long-term plan for a digital-first primary care, healthcare system, and the key steps needed to speed up the adoption of technology by patients, staff and the wider healthcare system to improve patient access.

A Digitally Enabled Patient Experience – looking to the Future of primary care with AI genomics & next gen digital technologies

While patient satisfaction in primary care has historically been high, over the last 5 years it has begun to decline as patients face longer waiting times for appointments. The overriding message is clear – if primary care is to survive and thrive, it needs to make the most of digital technology. Implemented effectively, digital services can improve the patient experience, and help to reduce the imbalance between the demand for and capacity in general.

A digital-first primary care system will lead the transition to preventative and personalised medicine. With, AI, genomics and next gen technologies will provided increased accuracy and speed in diagnosis, while supporting GPs and primary care staff in timely decision making.

Download the full report to understand the rationale for transforming primary care and implementing a digital first, digitally enabled patient experience.

Realising digital-first primary care, Shaping the future of UK healthcare. February 2020. Deloitte report.

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